Hi! I'm Vianna.

I am a creative nonfiction writer, podcast producer and world explorer.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

About Me

I am a fourth-year Writing & Literature major at UCSB's College of Creative Studies, where I combine my love for travel and memoir writing to make creative nonfiction projects. I coded this website (with the help of HTML5 UP) for my professional multimedia writing minor.


I am fascinated by the realm of where geography and emotion intersect; the dominant (and stereotypically masculine) narrative of adventure often forgets what lead us to the places we travel to in the first place: what drives us inside, what we seek and what we are inspired by. This is what ultimately inspires my work. I write to get to know myself and I travel to get to know the world.

Podcast Work

Podcasts are a millennial's game, but I, a GenZennial, somehow also know how to make them. I am the associate producer for Charting Her Course, a podcast about women CEOs in California's Central Coast from the Pacific Coast Business Times. I think gender equality starts with highlighting more women business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. In the future, I plan to create more audio storytelling projects on different topics that spark curiosity, ignite change, and inspire others to create their own art.

Let's Create Together

Feel free to contact me for any creative writing or podcast project inquiries.